Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Speechless.. :'( long is that? 3 months?..yes its just 3 months time I spent with Smocco @ achik...he is front of my eyes..last night..Ohh..I cant say more about tears keep coming out of my eyes,...i love him so much.

I just lie down , watching TV alone with Odie, Smocco and Ozel...Millie is in her cage since she cannot manage her pooping time..until she is finished, then I will let her out..I was watching AI season 10..on 8tv last night, and like always, achik and ozel chasing each other around, there are few time I catch him and cuddling his arms, and I found its not safe to let them play in the balcony, so I took Achik and Ozel insidxe, and closed the sliding door.

While they are playing, I was lie down on my pillow with Odie next to me,..and suddenly I was wondering, why there is no sound of Ozel and Achik playing and chasing around? I called and Ozel came to me, he was coming from the kitchen, I woke up and start calling Achik's name..but no answer..

I began to think many things..I starting searching in the entrance, kitchen, the other rooms, under the tables, inside the drawer, cabinets,laundry bag, baskets, box, toilet, but....:'((((,

I could not find him..I went down the balcony.and there is no marks..not any single mark.

I went down to 14th Floor, the next left unit to mine, and I knocked the door, the guy said, 'There is no cat found around here...' I began to cry again...:'(

i went down to G floor, and search around and inside the sign at all... :'(

I came up to the unit at the bottom of mine, knocking its door, no answer... :'(

I get back home..and go to bed..but I cant sleep since my tears not stop falling.

I get out of my room, went to the balcony, and try to think..suddenly I saw something lie down nearby the yard-side of the ground floor house..but its not clear..I just can see like a cat lie down on the floor, with its abs facing up, and his abs is white and his body is grey..thats why I called him Smocco... :'(

But I was wrong after suddenly the figure I thought was Smocco, moves and its actually a black stray cat..

i miss u Achi'

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