Friday, December 10, 2010

karaokreZy Again!

hi all my frenz out there,
for those of you who crave n craze about karaoke, here a new cool place to throw out ur vocal all'-out!

its songbox in cineleisure damansara withh only rm5/hour! can u imagine that! hahaha.

but...with one condition, every 1 person have to buy anything as a snack or a drink.a mineral water or a can drink cost rm3'.30 each.

this promotion will last only until 16th december 2010. so what r u waiting for ?? go there and throw ur heart out! yeah..


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Herbaline Kota Damansara

Hi friends!!

Last time I had my facial in Herbaline KD with a trial price!!(even tho' i have been many times to Sunway Herbaline!) as u know, only first timers are allowed to get a trial package with only RM38 worth RM79!

As I had my facial-herbaline experience there, there are some slight differences, even though they are in a same trademark.Maybe this is because of they are only using Herbaline concept and products, but the owner are different.I'm not sure if it is actually a franchise or something...

1. They did not provide the cold -hygienic hand towel for u to wipe all dirts in your both hands.
2. The slippers and the towel are different.They had a floral motive slippers and a dark brown towel.
3. I noticed their fish-spa have this one different type of expensive one).You wont feel the bite but only vibration-effect like massaging your feet.(yes, the fish did it not vibrator machine!)
4. They offered you the after-treatment tea(ginger-herbal tea) only after you wake-up and make yourself to sit on the consultation desk.

There, I put a collage of photos I captured there for u guys!

Am I that 'Old'?

Hi everyone,

Today I want to tell you about an'Old' Story...:p, someone came in to my office and asked me immediately;

R: How old are u arr?
me: 25 why?
R: what year u were born?
me: '85 WHY???
R: No la, all this while I called u kak, y u dont tell me u are younger than me?
me: oh I look that 'old' compared to you?? hahahahaha
R: so now u want me to called u kak or miss?
me: called me miss< mentioning 'miss' with closed eyes>
R: POYO!!!

i EVER I look too old until he said I looked like 36? OMG..i need to check on my menapous age...hahhaha lol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alam Idaman Batu 3

Salam semua...

what do you think about buying a property?

aku ada usha satu unit ni.servis apartment kat batu 3 shah alam...

3 bilik, 926 square feet..  harga range dari 190k -338 k...

and hati aku terbukak la nk book 1 unit sbb die nye pakej low down payment..harap2 dapat la kelulusan..lepas la umah least ader gak nampak kan? huhu