Friday, December 10, 2010

karaokreZy Again!

hi all my frenz out there,
for those of you who crave n craze about karaoke, here a new cool place to throw out ur vocal all'-out!

its songbox in cineleisure damansara withh only rm5/hour! can u imagine that! hahaha.

but...with one condition, every 1 person have to buy anything as a snack or a drink.a mineral water or a can drink cost rm3'.30 each.

this promotion will last only until 16th december 2010. so what r u waiting for ?? go there and throw ur heart out! yeah..


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Herbaline Kota Damansara

Hi friends!!

Last time I had my facial in Herbaline KD with a trial price!!(even tho' i have been many times to Sunway Herbaline!) as u know, only first timers are allowed to get a trial package with only RM38 worth RM79!

As I had my facial-herbaline experience there, there are some slight differences, even though they are in a same trademark.Maybe this is because of they are only using Herbaline concept and products, but the owner are different.I'm not sure if it is actually a franchise or something...

1. They did not provide the cold -hygienic hand towel for u to wipe all dirts in your both hands.
2. The slippers and the towel are different.They had a floral motive slippers and a dark brown towel.
3. I noticed their fish-spa have this one different type of expensive one).You wont feel the bite but only vibration-effect like massaging your feet.(yes, the fish did it not vibrator machine!)
4. They offered you the after-treatment tea(ginger-herbal tea) only after you wake-up and make yourself to sit on the consultation desk.

There, I put a collage of photos I captured there for u guys!

Am I that 'Old'?

Hi everyone,

Today I want to tell you about an'Old' Story...:p, someone came in to my office and asked me immediately;

R: How old are u arr?
me: 25 why?
R: what year u were born?
me: '85 WHY???
R: No la, all this while I called u kak, y u dont tell me u are younger than me?
me: oh I look that 'old' compared to you?? hahahahaha
R: so now u want me to called u kak or miss?
me: called me miss< mentioning 'miss' with closed eyes>
R: POYO!!!

i EVER I look too old until he said I looked like 36? OMG..i need to check on my menapous age...hahhaha lol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alam Idaman Batu 3

Salam semua...

what do you think about buying a property?

aku ada usha satu unit ni.servis apartment kat batu 3 shah alam...

3 bilik, 926 square feet..  harga range dari 190k -338 k...

and hati aku terbukak la nk book 1 unit sbb die nye pakej low down payment..harap2 dapat la kelulusan..lepas la umah least ader gak nampak kan? huhu


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manjakani Vs Women(virgins and hot mama pliss)

Hi everyone, hari ni aku terpanggil untuk menyampaikan pesan-pesan mak-mak kita yang lebih dulu hidup lebih lama dari kita semua.

Sebenarnya, banyak isteri-isteri di luar sana mengalami masalah dalaman wanita yang boleh menjejaskan hubungan intim rumahtangga...

apa yang ingin saya sampaikan di sini bukan nya petua menjadi isteri 'bergetah' tetapi petua menjaga kecantikan dalaman wanita dari seawal usia 12-15 tahun lagi.

Khas untuk gadis-gadis, anak-anak dara dan isteri-isteri yang belum mempunyai anak..(yang sudah ada anak boleh juga cuma kena cari pakar sakit puan la pulak)

Untuk menjaga kecantikan dan yang penting, kesihatan dalaman bahagian peranakan (rahim) dan alat sulit (vagina) wanita, silalah mengamalkan petua ini:

ambil 7 biji buah manjakani mentah
bersihkan dengan air yang bersih
rebus menggunakan periuk yang tebal dan kecil
(saiz periuk nasi yang paling kecil)
gunakan air cuma untuk meneggelamkan buah tersebut.
minum air tu secawan..lebihnya buat basuh kat bawah tu..heehehhe

anda amalkan sejak anak dara skrg ni..anda dapat la kecantikan dan kesihatan dalaman tempat2 tersebut hehehe

petua ini dibawakan oleh Kak su...thanks Kak Su :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

who wants a free 55% charge of 3 hours Karaoke(4 pax)?

hi my friends, this time got a new karaoke to throw your heart out!! hAHhhahaha
just click the link below and you will get rewarded.this is not a lie or scam, it is an official society called Youthsays Malaysia..It promotes ads o public and target groups helped by bloggers...

so what are you waiting for? hurry click the link below!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time own us?

Sometimes I wondering..why on earth people berlumba2 cari kerja yang bagus, pertingkatkan taraf hidup keluarga, selesakan kehidupan isteri n anak2..tetapi kalau kira masa yg tinggal untuk diri sendiri sNGAT LA sedikit....

inikah yang betul, patut dan sesuai untuk diamalkan?...

sometimes I think about this...and I couldn't find the answer...
maybe people just dont want to think about it...or just ignored when this came up on their minds.....