Saturday, January 22, 2011

GoJezZywithWORDS: Herbaline Kota Damansara

GoJezZywithWORDS: Herbaline Kota Damansara: "Hi friends!! Last time I had my facial in Herbaline KD with a trial price!!(even tho' i have been many times to Sunway Herbaline!) as u kno..."

ROOMS FOR RENT in shah alam only for female

hi everyone.

single room (no share) rm400 per month exclude utility.
single wooden bed, shelf for dressing, mirror, bedsheet, curtains, rugs, side table, study table, ceiling fan, lights. house is fully furnish.

cooking is allowed. utilities charges to be shared are electricity, water, cooking gas, astro/wifi if any.

single room share for two pax, each rm 280.

strictly no male.

thank you.interested please call me

I'm Speechless.. :'( long is that? 3 months?..yes its just 3 months time I spent with Smocco @ achik...he is front of my eyes..last night..Ohh..I cant say more about tears keep coming out of my eyes,...i love him so much.

I just lie down , watching TV alone with Odie, Smocco and Ozel...Millie is in her cage since she cannot manage her pooping time..until she is finished, then I will let her out..I was watching AI season 10..on 8tv last night, and like always, achik and ozel chasing each other around, there are few time I catch him and cuddling his arms, and I found its not safe to let them play in the balcony, so I took Achik and Ozel insidxe, and closed the sliding door.

While they are playing, I was lie down on my pillow with Odie next to me,..and suddenly I was wondering, why there is no sound of Ozel and Achik playing and chasing around? I called and Ozel came to me, he was coming from the kitchen, I woke up and start calling Achik's name..but no answer..

I began to think many things..I starting searching in the entrance, kitchen, the other rooms, under the tables, inside the drawer, cabinets,laundry bag, baskets, box, toilet, but....:'((((,

I could not find him..I went down the balcony.and there is no marks..not any single mark.

I went down to 14th Floor, the next left unit to mine, and I knocked the door, the guy said, 'There is no cat found around here...' I began to cry again...:'(

i went down to G floor, and search around and inside the sign at all... :'(

I came up to the unit at the bottom of mine, knocking its door, no answer... :'(

I get back home..and go to bed..but I cant sleep since my tears not stop falling.

I get out of my room, went to the balcony, and try to think..suddenly I saw something lie down nearby the yard-side of the ground floor house..but its not clear..I just can see like a cat lie down on the floor, with its abs facing up, and his abs is white and his body is grey..thats why I called him Smocco... :'(

But I was wrong after suddenly the figure I thought was Smocco, moves and its actually a black stray cat..

i miss u Achi'

Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprise? yes but Im a lil' shocked.

Im felt sorry for Ruff as he had a small accident (but big enough to stop our surprise to him) as the moment we went to the party room, bringing a lighter and a cake...

Poor Ruff he had a 1 inch jahitan..(underneath his upper lips) and now he cant smile lebih2 or make the recovery process going smooth and on targeted time..but...

we still have years ahead to do the surprise then...get well soon Ruff!!!

Here are some photos from the party;


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surprise Besday Party for Raff,Rubie n Zel!

Dear Anddie(Abg Aris Gang Reps) + Azz Razly,

Here is the Plan:
Date: 07/01/2011
Time: 09.40pm till LATE
Venue: OVO Restaurant
Map: TBA

so, here is the room.there are 2 room/space that can cater our party without distracted by other guest in the restaurant.first, a closed room with 40 has a karaoke player and mike,but with no TV.
                                          its more like hi-tea and brassiere long buffet style

THE SECOND ROOM (OR I prefer to call it a V.I.P Space:P)
 it is only can cater up to 25 pax comfortly but we are 28, so it is a  bit small compared to the first one.but its ID is relaxed and soothing for us to get together.

                                          view from inside the room

                                          from outside view

so, Roughly, the restaurant also have a stage where the live band will play, a House-DJ, A lounge seat, a bar, hi tea tables, smoking area and also a dance floor i guess...

so what do you guys think? let me know ASAP.

Thank you.