Thursday, December 9, 2010

Am I that 'Old'?

Hi everyone,

Today I want to tell you about an'Old' Story...:p, someone came in to my office and asked me immediately;

R: How old are u arr?
me: 25 why?
R: what year u were born?
me: '85 WHY???
R: No la, all this while I called u kak, y u dont tell me u are younger than me?
me: oh I look that 'old' compared to you?? hahahahaha
R: so now u want me to called u kak or miss?
me: called me miss< mentioning 'miss' with closed eyes>
R: POYO!!!

i EVER I look too old until he said I looked like 36? OMG..i need to check on my menapous age...hahhaha lol